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1927 - 2017

Chapla~1.jpg (126824 bytes)Hi, my name is Bob Harrington; welcome to my official website.  I've been know as "the Chaplain of Bourbon Street" from the French Quarter of New Orleans across the country, since Mayor Victor Schiro made that an official proclamation in 1963.  I ministered through my office to the people of Bourbon Street for over 20 years.  Billy Graham once said that I was "bringing a witness for Jesus Christ to the middle of hell."  It certainly was different than the stain glass walls of a church, but somehow I believed that's where Jesus would minister, so I ministered in His name to the people that worked, lived or just visited on Bourbon Street.  I never ran out of prospects. 


                                              Now retired from preaching,  I would like to acquaint you with some of what I have done in  the past  First time visitors, please click on this front door key to the Bourbon Street home to go inside and find some interesting rooms to visit.  You are welcome here...come on in!

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"The Christian life is not a's a battlefield!" -Bob Harrington

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